Systems Orbiting Systems

Mission: SysOrbSys is a software development business that designs and sells unique and creative software to other software development companies so they can produce superior products.


I. The purpose of my business is: to passionately fulfill my dreams, visions, and hopes. To look to the Universe, Solar Systems, Nature, and Atomic Systems for inspiration, meaning, and patterns which can be utilized to create superior designs. These patterns are Fractal in nature and consist of Systems Orbiting Systems (SysOrbSys). To apply the SysOrbSys philosophy to human created systems and technology in order to bring them into harmony with natural systems. To share and spread the SysOrbSys philosophy with Customers by designing, developing, and selling products and services based upon it.

II. The business will provide the following products and/or services: Unique and Creative Software Products.

Future Plans:

A) Design and build my concept of the Ultimate Sound & Musical Instrument Synthesizer.

B) Offer Consulting and Contractual Services to other companies to provide solutions for them based upon the SysOrbSys philosophy.

C) Design and develop a microprocessor, operating system, and programming language based upon the SysOrbSys philosophy.

D) Pursue Alternative Energy and Power Technologies.

III. The things that are important and the values my business will live by include:

A) Personal development of myself and future employees along with the corporation.

B) Encouraging everyone to utilize their Internal Greatness.

C) Creativity

D) Integrity

E) The needs and desires of Customers.

Timothy D. Hunt, Owner / Software Engineer
585 789-1793
888 625-9178

Systems Orbiting Systems